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Author: Matt Riddell
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Pressbox has published an interview with BKW, one of the developers on Asterisk (NEXT!!!):


An Interview with Brian K West, and his role on the development of asterisk which earned him a coveted spot to speak at the recent AstriCon in Atlanta, Georgia

Carlo Caparras: Hi! Brian, tell me about your background and what is your role here in asterlink ( that made AstriCon choose you are a speaker?

Brian K West: I'm 27 year old self taught computer enthusiast, I have a background in ISP Management, VoIP and QoS, Perl, C and PHP. Working with you to help build top quality PSTN/IAX/SIP/h323 product offerings. I have in the past contributed cdr_odbc.c CDR backend module for asterisk and many other minor patches and a few major ones I am also an IRC Op on #asterisk on, I help new users from time to time with problems. I'm also a bugmarshal on the asterisk project and founder of #asterisk-bugs on I'm also an avid bug hunter.

Carlo Caparras: Ok, more about yourself....

Brian K West: not much more about me I can think of… I didn't go to college.. hell I didn't even get to finish high school.. I had to take my GED 3 months early because I couldn’t stand school any longer. I love a challenge and school wasn't that I think VoIP is the next big thing and I am glad to be in the middle of the ocean before it fills up with sharks. I'm pretty much self taught on anything and everything I know at this point... I'm a quick learner... my mind is like a sponge it can soak up this stuff like this


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